anna kendrick pp2

Just when we thought there was no more Pitch Perfect until the third movie lands in theaters in 2017, Universal Pictures surprised us by dropping this deleted scene right into our laps. With the release of Pitch Perfect 2 on DVD on September 22, this deleted scene from the film will whet our appetites until we can tear off the plastic and pop the disk in for a good old-fashioned movie night.

For those who might have forgotten, here’s a quick recap of the sequel: It’s set three years after Pitch Perfect. The Bellas completely embarrassed themselves at Lincoln Center, so they decide to kick things up a notch by entering an international competition. In the meantime, Beca has landed an awesome internship and isn’t sure how to balance both commitments.

We’ve seen parts of this scene already. It’s when Jesse drops Beca off at the first day of her internship. However, there are so many little (hilarious) bits that were cut from the film that now we can see in all their glory. The couple banters about the internship, their future, their eventual life in LA. Perhaps the third movie will answer a lot of these questions.

You might remember back in June when the third movie was announced. All the major players in the film took to social media to celebrate:

Now, there’s nothing to do but wait — and watch this clip over and over again until we can get our hands on the full film. Take a look below!

(Image via Universal.)