Billy On The Street is back for another brand new season of shenanigans on the streets of New York. So far this season we’ve seen Tina Fey play LaTina Fey (she failed) and watched as Billy asked unassuming pedestrians to identify Chris Pratt (EVERYONE FAILED). Now, he’s playing a brand new game with Anna Kendrick, and it’s absolutely puuuuuurfect.

This week’s game is called: “What does Katy Perry’s cat care about?” Specifically, we’re talking about Kitty Purry. All Kendrick has to do to win is figure out if Perry’s cat cares, or does not care, about something that Billy mentions. Like, does Kitty Purry care about the fact that Perry is the first woman with five #1 singles off one album? No, Kitty Purry does not care about that. But Kitty Purry does care about investigating a nearby noise! This seems easy enough to play, but it is actually REALLY HARD to get into the mind of a superstar’s cat.

Then again, this is Kendrick we’re talking about. The girl can sing, she can act, she can do both at the same time so of course she knows how to channel her inner feline. After starting off a little rocky, Kendrick nails all the questions with flying colors. Her prize is also really awesome, even though we learn Kendrick’s actually got big beef with apostrophes.

Huh? To find out what that means, check out the clip below. The full episode of Billy on the Street will air this Thursday on truTV.

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