anna faris chris pratt
Credit: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

There are few celebrity couples we love more than Anna Faris and Chris Pratt. Lucky for us, Faris dropped some relationship advice based on her marriage.

In an interview with Elle, Faris talked about Unqualified, her relationship podcast that tackles the challenges of love (among other things) with the help of celebrity guests.

While she admits she doesn’t always give the best counsel, she said she has learned quite a bit about the art of the relationship.

Faris talked about breaking tough news to callers on the show looking for insight on significant others or fledgling crushes. She has no qualms about telling you if she doesn’t think someone is into you.

Rather than discourage, she hopes the honesty of the podcast fosters a community to help people feel less alone.

She admits she’s been through everything other people have from heartbreak to giddiness and everything in between. At the core of it all, she believes, is a desire to “give love and be loved.” She even jokes about how cliché that sounds. But affirms that recognizing that truth and living in it makes you the happiest.

Preach. And as for her own relationship, she admitted that Pratt “is a hunter” – literally and metaphorically. He enjoys the chase, like many men, which she concedes is the worst.

But, hey, her instinct seemed spot on because he certainly “caught” her. And they both are very happy as a result.

Thanks Anna, for always keeping it real.