Kit Steinkellner
Updated Jun 28, 2015 @ 8:11 am

Every day we read our celebrity news and think to ourselves “What we wouldn’t give to be a plus one at a Taylor Swift star-studded sleepover or to jet set with Beyonce to wherever our queen is jet setting next.” Now we have a new celeb hang dream: to have teatime with Prince William AND Kate Middleton AND Brangelina. Because Brad and Angelina having tea with Will and Kate is totally a thing that happens now.

As US Weekly reports, the British and Hollywood royalty had their tea on Friday at Kensington Palace. The magazine has an “insider” (We always have the best time trying to guess who the “source” is. The butler? The maid? Some rando off the street?) who says that the tea went smashingly.

“Everyone got on splendidly,” the source said. “Brad and Angelina spent much longer with the Duke and Duchess than planned. They ended up staying for almost a few hours.”

If you’re wondering “Wait, why was Brangelina hanging out with the Royal Family again?” there’s actually a really good answer and it’s not “They’re all famous and thought it was high-time they did a Famous People Double Date.” Prince William and Kate Middleton are committed to combatting illegal wildlife trade, as are Angelina and Brad, so the foursome got together to discuss their mutual interest and, we imagine, brainstorm collab possibilities.

We LOVE that this was tea for a good cause, and we love hearing that Brangelina stayed long because they were having such a grand time. Fingers crossed that the foursome can figure out a great way to combine their powers, Captain Planet-style, to support wildlife, and that they can also become famous couple besties while working together for an awesome cause.

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