Rachel Paige
January 29, 2016 11:22 am

1. The CGI is… not that great

But let’s cut the movie some slack. Toy Story had only been out for two years, and everyone was still figuring out how to animate with computers.

2. Anya’s eye color changes DRASTICALLY

3. THIS GUY on the left could have easily grabbed Anastasia and brought her onto the train.

4. The pigeons are see-through

5. Anya has a scarf she refuses to wear

6. Rasputin has rectangular nails

7. Do you get the feeling this could be shade at a Disney character?

8. Anya’s hair changes length a billion times

But we’ve been over this. Also, her bangs magically disappear and reappear just about every other scene.

9. Vladimir isn’t good with numbers

10. Dimitri wears a wristwatch

This is interesting, because wristwatches weren’t really a popular thing for Soviet Russia in the 1920s, you know?

11. Anya gets her ears pierced at ~some point, somewhere~

12. There are real photographs in the picture frames

13. On the boat, there’s suddenly a huge height difference between Anya and Dimitri

14. And Anya makes the best statement to end all statements

(Images via 20th Century Fox / Netflix)