Rachel Paige
March 10, 2017 9:01 am
AnastasiaBway/Facebook, 20th Century Fox

If you’re a child of the late ’90s, more than likely you can belt out all the words to “Journey to the Past” as if you were born signing the song. The animated classic Anastasia was huge staple of our childhood, and now, it’s coming back into our lives in an even bigger way.

Later this month, the new musical Anastasia will open on Broadway, and we’re trying so hard to contain our excitement. However, it’s hard not to be a little bit worried, too — will this new Anya live up to the strong, spunky, lost princess we grew up with?

If you’re nervous, don’t be! The musical Anastasia is, at its core, still a story we know and love, all about the girl we know and love. As lyricist Lynn Ahrens explained to HelloGiggles, the creative team behind the musical set out to make “something more romantic, more realistic, more grounded in history, with more complex characters.”

Lynn is exactly who you want to talk to if you’re looking to discuss a more ~grown up~ Anastasia. She, along with her writing parter Stephen Flaherty, actually wrote the songs for the 1997 movie. Just like us, Lynn has been living (and singing) about Anastasia for the last 20 years. Now, as Anya starts on her new journey across the stage, Lynn chatted with HelloGiggles over email about this brand new version of the feisty (lost) princess.

It’s our dream come true, too! A new Anastasia has been on our wish-list forever, and according to Lynn the musical was “like starting from scratch.”

It’s a new version, but it very much pulls from the original animated story. As for Anya, she’s still “tough, vulnerable, funny –someone who can walk halfway across Russia and never give up until she finds where she belongs and what she’s made of.”

AnastasiaBway/Facebook, 20th Century Fox

And that’s exactly what we want to hear. Anastasia begins previews on March 23rd, with an official opening on April 24th. You can snag tickets here, and see you in St. Petersburg.