Rachel Paige
March 16, 2017 9:01 am
20th Century Fox

How do you bring a classic story to life on the stage? Better yet, how you you bring a classic, real-life story to the stage — especially one that’s based on a beloved childhood animated movie? That’s what the cast and crew of the new musical, Anastasia, faced when they decided to turn the 1997 Fox movie into a show-stopping Broadway production.

The short answer: Lots of care, consideration, and obviously, love for Anya.

The long answer: Lots and lots of research, especially if you’re trying to recreate 1920s St. Petersburg and Paris.

Ahead of Anastasia opening on Broadway (previews begin on March 23rd, with an official opening slated for April 24th!!), HelloGiggles caught up with the show’s costume designer, Linda Cho. Linda was in charge of all the gorgeous costumes you’re soon going to see up on the stage, and when it came time to dream up these designs, she didn’t necessarily look to the animated Anastasia first.

The first act of the show takes place in St. Petersburg (there’s a rumor there, we hear), with the second act moving to Paris in the jazz age. Along with the stunning music for the show, the costumes very much help tell the story.

As for how Anya wants to be perceived, well, she wants to reclaim her old life. Linda’s favorite costume is actually one that Anya wears to a press conference in the musical (but no spoilers as to why she’s giving one!!).

Linda also understands the importance of Anya’s story — and why it’s not going anywhere just yet.

If you now need to see all of this IRL with your own eyes, you can snag tickets to Anastasia here!