Credit: Gary Gershoff/WireImage/Getty Images

Amy Schumer has been super outspoken about her support for presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Like all things she does, Amy doesn’t shy away from making her opinion known and it makes us consistently inspired by the comedian. Since it is Election Day, it only seems appropriate that Amy would post some public support for Clinton, which she totally did.

But it’s the candid, happy pictures of Amy Schumer and Hillary Clinton together that she chose to share that makes us seriously in love with their friendship.

Back in September of last year, Amy danced on Ellen for Clinton and the two seemed to hit it off immediately.

Clinton has a wide, genuinely amused smile as Amy seems to be loving every minute of cracking the candidate up.

Much like the picture itself, Amy’s caption is self-explanatory.

While we all can remember that super fun public display of support for Clinton, Amy also includes a behind-the-scenes moment of the two women.

Amy is sharing with Clinton, who listens happily to the young comedian’s mind. In her caption, Amy describes what this moment – and really Clinton’s candidacy – has meant to her.

Despite the fact that she openly doesn’t feel 100 percent, Amy has been using her social media to implore voters to get out and vote no matter how they feel.

The entertainer even surprised us with one more Election Day delight, a picture of her and fellow funny lady Samantha Bee out voting together!

Samantha is, of course, holing a doll of Clinton which makes the picture all that much more delightful.

Now that’s some comedy #girlpower that we can totally get behind!