amy schumer
Credit: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Aside from performing in Syracuse, NY yesterday, Amy Schumer also had some fun offstage, according to her Instagram photos.

First, here’s a pic from her show.

Schumer performed at Syracuse’s Oncenter War Memorial Arena last night, almost selling out the 8,000-seat space, reported

Also yesterday, Schumer posed with this Zamboni (we’re guessing the two in the photo belong to the Syracuse Crunch).

Fun fact: ICYMI, the Zamboni was named after Frank Zamboni, who intro’d the world’s first ice resurfacing machine in 1949. Wow, huh?

Here’s Schumer on a Zamboni, or “zambi,” as she calls it.

Here’s a closer look. As you can see, it requires some intense concentration.

We’d love to know if Schumer went out onto the ice with this ginormous machine, but there’d probably be a picture if so, right? Still, even getting onto the Zamboni looks challenging.

Overall, she seems to be having fun, Zamboni or not.

And that’s what life’s all about, amirite?!