Rachel Paige
Updated Dec 11, 2014 @ 3:14 pm

Amy Schumer, light of our life, fire of our funny bone, will be hosting the MTV Movie Awards — and we are SO thrilled. The hosting gig announcement was made by the funny lady herself when she was in heavy control of the network’s social media on Wednesday. She celebrated the announcement like a pro, while wrapped up in a cozy blanket and wearing sunglasses indoors. We would expect nothing less.

Schumer has left her mark all over comedy; from her stand-up routines to her show Inside Amy Schumer, she’s always pushing boundaries and cracking us up. If you’re brand new to the Schumer appreciation, what you really need to know is that she is a very, very funny lady (and usually a very, very crude lady). She’s also, like, crazy wise and can spot, observe, and deliver the most brutal truths about life like it ain’t no thang. In honor of the heart-swelling excitement we’re feeling about watching Amy as the MTV host, here’s a quick rundown of just SOME of the times she has perfectly explained life’s most ridiculous truths and moments.

When it felt like she’d been eaves dropping on those weird computer talks you have with your mom.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been called at an absurd time of day because there’s “something flashing” on the computer screen and your mom can’t figure out how to fix it. We’ve all been there. Then your mom probably yells at you for “doing everything too quickly” and you have to show her all over again from the beginning — reaaaaaaalllly slowly. Well, yeah, Amy’s been there too.

When she totally got the struggle of picking a movie with bae.

There might be a thousand movies on Netflix, and a thousand more movies On Demand, and even more at Redbox, but trying to find the one movie that you two can agree on is sometimes the hardest thing. Even worse, finding a movie that neither one of you has seen before is probably harder than winning the lottery. And then there’s the uber classic, “I want to watch you watch it!”

She knows “dream break ups” are a thing.

Amy makes kind of a good point, no? Considering how many dating shows are out there on television, why aren’t there any breakup shows (let’s be honest, we’d binge watch that ish). There are a lot things that go into planning a breakup, every little detail and longing look has to be planned down to the last second. Amy knows.

She knows that sometimes we order food that’s just soooo bad.

Have you ever said “I’m soooo bad” after ordering something like french fries? Yep, Amy knows that’s a thing! Of course you are not actually bad for ordering fries, but going through that song and dance with your friends is this really weird food ritual. Amy’s calling you out.

She totally gets that sometimes we jump the gun.

You meet someone, and then before you’ve even caught their last name you’re imagining the place settings at your wedding. You also really hope he has no food allergies because you know exactly the right encrusted fish to serve at the reception.

She knows just how to explain that generation gap we have with our grandparents.

Grandma and Grandpa grew up during a very different time, so obviously they’re going to think a bit differently. But, while the times have changed drastically Grandma and Grandpa probably haven’t. Cue incredibly awkward moment that shows just how different life was back in good ol’ 1932.

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