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April 21, 2015 6:00 am

Happy Inside Amy Schumer premiere day! Seriously, though, let’s all take a moment of silence for Amy, the queen of Comedy Central (FYI: Ilana and Abbi are the princesses) and the Let Loose version of Leslie Knope. She’s back with another season of her amazing sketch series this evening and I don’t know about you, but I am super-psyched. The only thing that could make me more psyched would be if Amy was coming over to my house to watch the premiere with me, which poses the question: HOW AWESOME WOULD BE IT TO HANG OUT WITH AMY SCHUMER?

The answer seems pretty simple to anyone who has caught an episode of Inside Amy Schumer, her recent MTV Movie Awards hosting gig and/or the trailer for her sure-to-be-unreal summer comedy Trainwreck. But let’s get down and dirty with it (hey, Amy would!) and list the reasons why it would be totally, ridiculously rad to hang out with Amy Schumer tonight.

1. She’s not afraid to real-talk in ANY setting

Part of Amy’s shtick is that she isn’t afraid to cover any topic—food, sex, booze, equal rights, you name it—at any time. Obviously this is a given for her own show, where she talks to people about all these things in skits and on the street, but she takes this on the road too. Take for example, her speech at last year’s Ms. Foundation for Women’s Gloria Awards and Gala. While recalling a terrible booty call experience from college, Amy managed to wax philosophical about what it means to be doing great and still kinda take yourself to task. The next time you’re hard on yourself, think of the amazing Amy and remember to give yourself a break.

2. She’s honest about…well, everything

Case in point: “Milk, Milk, Lemonade,” her recent, instantly viral ode to our obsession with butts. A perfectly formed parody of “All About That Bass” and “Anaconda,” this bit takes the piss out of this fixation pop culture seems to have and don’t lie, you can’t help but be, uh, flushed from laughing so hard watching and rewatching it. Not only would she make it her No. 1 priority to make No. 2 jokes to you while hanging out, she’d want you to do the same.

3. She’s got equally awesome lady friends

Who else could get the unreal entity that is Tilda Swinton to write about her for Time magazine? Or get Amber Tamblyn and Amber Rose to join her in a bit for sake of a laugh? No one. This girl has an unreal girl gang and you better believe she’d bring a few of the members to your epic group hang to spread the laughs and the love.

4. She’s all about body positivity (and delicious snacks)

One of the coolest things about Amy is her refusal to give into anyone’s expectations of her body and what she puts in it. She’s unabashed in discussing her snack consumption, and proudly flaunts the fact that she’s not a size zero and in magazines and that’s awesome. And what’s more, she’s not down with anyone Photoshopping her body to misrepresent her glorious self IRL.

5. Sometimes she gets to hang out with puppies while wearing a princess costume

I mean, need we say more?

Emily Gagne is a yellow-haired female who loves waffles, news, and making references to TV shows and/or movies with rad female leads. When not hello-ing or giggling, she’s slaying rhetorical devices for geek girl havens like The Mary Sue and her lady-powered blog Cinefilles. Snackchat with her over Twitter via @emilygagne.

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