Alyssa Thorne
February 28, 2017 5:05 pm
Paul Morigi/ Getty Images

It hasn’t even been released yet, and Amy Schumer already has regrets about her Netflix special. It’s called Amy Schumer: The Leather Special and it was shot in Denver, and most importantly, directed by Amy Schumer herself, so when she says she’s already got regrets…she’s only criticizing herself, which we kinda respect but also LOVE YOURSELF, LADY. But it was pretty easy to guess what her immediate ~regret~ was based on the title alone, because while we’re sure Schumer looked dope in leather, it’s definitely a risky look.

We don’t regret it, Amy. YOU LOOK AWESOME, OK?

We love when the Netflix gods bring us comedy specials, because (a) there are no holds barred because it’s Netflix, not network and (b) they pick the best ladies to hand a microphone to (paging Sarah Silverman…). We don’t know a ton about Amy Schumer’s special, other than what we can glimpse in the trailer and the fact that we’re going to love it, but when it was announced, a Netflix rep said:

WE ARE ALSO VERY EXCITED, NETFLIX. Please give it to us now, THANKS. The special premieres March 7th on Netflix.