Kathryn Lindsay
April 05, 2016 6:31 am
Comedy Central/ www.cc.com

Ever since “Hamilton” took over our hearts, the world has been wondering if there’s anything that could top it. Amy Schumer thinks she might know: In this recent clip from Inside Amy Schumer, she gives Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator and star of “Hamilton,” a taste of her new musical, “Betsy Ross.”

“My sister and I saw [Hamilton] and we were flipping out,” Amy explained to Lin-Manuel after inviting him to her practice space. “But then I thought, like, I could do that.”

There was a pause as Lin-Manuel realized why he was really there: not to appear on the show, but to give Amy Schumer advice about her own “hip-hopera.” He quickly called an Uber to get himself outta there, but Amy still gave him a taste of her work while he waited.

Comedy Central/ www.cc.com

She began by mimicking, line-for-line, the most iconic numbers of “Hamilton,” just swapping out words to fit the story of Betsy Ross, her chosen heroine. As she goes on, it’s clear that while Amy is an amazing comedian, her musical talent is so-so, and her dancing even less impressive. However, that’s what makes the whole thing so hilarious.

Comedy Central/ www.cc.com

At least, to us. Lin-Manual Miranda was not impressed, and as soon as his Uber arrived, he snuck out before having to give Amy a straight answer about investing in her newest work.

While “Betsy Ross” may not be “Hamilton” level, we’d definitely pay to see it on Broadway. Or, at least, on TV when Inside Amy Schumer returns on April 21.

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