Credit: amyschumer/Instagram

Amy Schumer is one of the funniest people on the planet right now. Her hilarious jokes frequently send us (and millions of other people) into fits of hysterics. And ever since she met her boyfriend Ben Hanisch, a furniture designer, she’s been more lovey-dovey, which is definitely a different side of the comedian (one which gives us all the feels).

Yet she’s been able to maintain her famous sense of humor even while showing her softer side.

An obviously tired Amy reaches for affection from her bed mate, only to capture him looking away from her. The caption, “You were being distant this morning” coupled with her furry pal’s far-off look totally encapsulates Schumer’s signature dry humor (in the most adorable way possible). And, TBH, makes us wonder what kind of deep emotional conversation may have come after this (which makes us LOL even more).

The doggie friend isn’t Amy’s (though she’s open about adopting one of these loves herself). It’s actually her younger sister Kim’s dog, Abbot — they are very close. Schumer’s a lucky lady, because she has not one but two special love connections in her life.

One friendly canine for endless cuddles…

… and another to make cute-as-a-button poses with.

Thanks for making us laugh this morning, Amy! And for giving us #relationshipgoals and #lifegoals. More inspiration and hilarity where that came from, please.