I think it's safe to say that nobody has had a 2015 as great as Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence, and Aziz Ansari. In the past year, these pop culture icons respectively wrote a hit movie, took a stand for gender equality in Hollywood, and created the best Netflix show possibly ever. They have a lot to be thankful for, so it makes sense that the three of them would all be together for Thanksgiving. We're just mad they didn't invite us.

In true Amy Schumer style, this year's celebration was on the beach with a bottle of wine. Except this get together wasn't glam, it was a downright hilarious mess, and Schumer has the Instagram to prove it:

Unfortunately, we don't know what happened at the actual dinner (other than probably a lot of amazing jokes), but we can only hope these three comedic geniuses got together to write us an awesome TV show or movie for the new year. And if they didn't, that's definitely what I'm asking Santa for this season anyway.