Dana Krangel
June 14, 2014 1:55 pm

Inside Amy Schumer was strong out of the gate and quickly defined a new wave of feminist-focused sketch comedy. The show is just as raw as it is important and has had a major impact on the current temperature of the comedy landscape. Amy Schumer has ushered in a new vibe, a remarkable feeling that makes anyone who says, “Can women be as funny as men?” look outdated and uncultured. With her sharp wit and remarkable second season, Schumer is also teaching big lessons to anyone smart enough to watch. Here are five reasons Amy Schumer isn’t just hilarious, but important for women.

1. She supports other women in comedy

If you’re going to be a feminist, supporting other women doing their thing is one of your most important duties. Schumer, of course, subscribes to this unwritten law and brought it to fruition by hand selecting a team of top-notch female writers. Stand-up maven Jessi Klein serves as head writer, and comedy darling Tig Notaro rounds out the writing staff. Notaro also appears in sketches, like the hilarious “5-K.”

2. She calls us out on our crazy

Let’s face it, every woman has an emotional breaking point, especially when it comes to dating. With her genius “One Night Stand” sketch, Schumer brings to light the differences between men and women, and the sometimes irrational way we approach a prospective partner.

3. She takes on social issues

Schumer’s humor sometimes veers into serious subjects—and the kind of topics most TV shows are too afraid to touch. If you’ve seen Schumer’s sketch on video games, you know what we’re talking about.

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4. She turns the table on reality television

Schumer has found a way to call out the craptastic television genre and empower women through comedy at the same time. Her dream break-up sketch is like Say Yes To The Dress with a much-needed twist. It’s funny, it’s ridiculous, it’s relatable, it’s everything we want more of on TV.

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5. She makes us think

Feminists never stop moving forward—there are enough barriers to go around. But when women bring each other down, it needs to be addressed. In this smart clip, Schumer takes on the standard self-deprecating response to any compliment in a way that literally blows up the standard convention. It’s all I can think about when I hear someone say, “You look great” and I like it that way.

It’s always easier to handle the big issues with a side of comedy and lucky for us, that’s the only formula Schumer knows how to use. She understands that simply having a show on Comedy Central doesn’t make you important, it’s what you do with that content and how you get viewers to think differently. And that’s what makes Amy Schumer so important for women, for television and for the future.

Featured image via indiewire.com