Bridey Heing
Updated Jun 01, 2015 @ 9:07 am

Last night’s Peabody Awards honored some of the absolute best in TV and radio, and our girl Amy Schumer received one of the prestigious accolades! Of course, just because the Peabodys are among the highest of artistic honors didn’t mean Schumer wasn’t hilarious during her poignant acceptance speech . . . and it definitely didn’t mean she and presenter Tina Fey didn’t find time for an awkwardly staged kiss to celebrate the occasion.

To backtrack on the Peabody Awards, they’re a big deal. They are all about quality rather than popularity, although three of this years big winners are both popular and amazing. Those would be Amy Schumer’s Inside Amy Schumer, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and Serial. The winners for the Peabodys are announced months in advance, so it’s not a big reveal when the awards are given out. But the recipients did get in a few surprises during the ceremony, hosted by Fred Armisen.

For example, SNL cast member Cecily Strong presented an award to Sarah Koenig, host of Serial. Strong’s impression of Koenig went viral around the holidays when a Serial parody was included as part of the SNL holiday episode.

John Oliver was given his award by veteran reporter Charlie Rose. When he got on stage to give his acceptance speech, Oliver started by saying, “I didn’t hear what Charlie said; I can only assume it was bullsh*t.” He also went on to thank Rose because, “Why not? You’re here.”

Schumer, who received her award from Tina Fey, may have gotten in the best shock of the evening. Fey had a few things to say about Schumer, and the importance of the work she’s doing on Inside Amy Schumer. She also let the crowd in on some behind-the-scenes planning.

“I really wanted to come down here tonight, and in a Madonna kind of way try to like feed off of her youth and maybe suck her soul out in a very awkward, staged lesbian kiss,” Fey said. “But when I pitched that idea to Amy’s camp, they came back with such an immediate yes that it kind of grossed me out.”

And yet, when Schumer took the stage, the ladies did take a moment to kiss, because how couldn’t they?

Schumer’s speech which came after, was, of course, wonderful.

“We thought we were making this secret feminist show and people weren’t going to catch on what we were doing, and they caught on very quickly and we’re so glad that they did,” she said. “We just wanted to make a show that would make people laugh and feel better and we really feel like we’re doing that, so thank you so much for this award.”

Of course, that is exactly what Schumer is doing. Her show walks the line between commentary and absurdity in a way that manages to make us think critically about society even as we laugh hysterically. As Tina Fey said in her comments, “Amy Schumer is killing it, as the agents like to say. Usually they are lying. But in this case it is true. Amy is killing it. She is the biggest deal in comedy right now.”

We couldn’t agree more, Tina, and congratulations to all the Peabody Award recipients!

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