Winona Dimeo-Ediger
Updated Jul 26, 2016 @ 8:03 am
Credit: Instagram

Amy Schumer has taught us all kinds of important life lessons. How to hustle to reach your #goals, but also take time to chill with your besties. How to love and embrace the body you have now. How to get serious about the issues that really matter.

And today she taught us the most important lesson of all.

A lesson about hand cake.

What is hand cake, you ask? Amy pioneered the concept backstage at a photoshoot for Marie Claire and posted the culinary innovation on her Instagram:

The gist of it, according to Amy?

“If you eat cake with your hands it becomes hand cake.”


Now that we think about it, we’ve eaten hand cake many times over the course of our lives, starting at our first birthday party, and most recently when we found a leftover slice of German chocolate in the fridge at 2AM and were too lazy to get a fork.

We’ve never looked as glamorous as Amy does here, though.

Time to add, “eat hand cake in a gorgeous lace gown backstage at Marie Claire” to our bucket list.

As usual, Amy inspires us to dream big.