amy again
Credit: Comedy Central

Amy Schumer is winning at life. Her career has taken off, she’s besties with America’s sweetheart (J.Law, obvs), and she’s proven she can take on pretty much any challenge that’s put in front of her. In short, she’s amazing.

And we’re not the only ones who think so. Her doting BF Ben Hanisch has been totally by her side throughout this crazy (in the best way) time. At least for the past six months or so (not that we’re totally stalking his Instagram account or anything… OK we are don’t judge us we love her/them). He’s been her date to award ceremonies and given her swoon-worthy eyes every time she’s garnered (yet another) big award. And, in typical Amy-fashion, even she has to make fun of the cuteness of their relationship.

In her latest Instagram post, the comedian posted an absolutely adorable selfie of her and Ben clearly hiking in a gorgeous (undisclosed) place. There’s a picturesque ocean view in the background and a hunky man with his arms around her, and she is (understandably) sporting a genuinely happy smile. But rather than captioning it something sweet or inspirational, she brings it totally down to earth and says what we’re secretly all thinking.

TBH, we totally weren’t thinking “ewwwww” — more like “awwwww” because seeing our favorite people happy makes us happy. But the self-aware and hilarious self-deprecation of Amy’s caption did make us laugh. As Amy usually does.

Needless to say, from now on in sketches when we see her complaining about her love life, we’ll know for sure that she’s definitely just joking. Because from the looks of it, she’s in a totally happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationship, on top of all of her personal successes. She’s nailing it on all fronts. Way to go, Amy.