Tyler Vendetti
February 16, 2015 9:30 am

Amy and Tina are at it again. Our favorite funny lady duo/dream team returned to the Weekend Update desk for SNL’s 40th Anniversary Special last night (along with the legendary Jane Curtin), and we’re still working on processing how amazing it was to see them as co-anchors again. Basically, they’re the greatest, and we love them so, so much (and can’t wait for their new movie, Sisters, coming out later this year)!

With Tina Fey’s new Netflix comedy gaining steam, Amy Poehler’s beloved show Parks and Rec in the thick of its final season, and our first ever HelloGiggles book on besties about to hit the shelves (shameless plug), we thought it was about time for us to honor the pair’s incredible friendship.

When they gossiped about Del Close in the middle of his lectures.

These days, Amy and Tina make a living off of writing jokes and shamelessly doing impressions on camera; but in the 1990s, they were busy doing what every normal pair of best friends does: gossip about their teacher in the middle of class. According to Charna Halpern, the co-founder of the improv group that the duo performed in, the future comedy stars spent much of their time whispering about their teacher and improv legend Del Close during his lectures.

When they tried to perform the Kevin G rap from Mean Girls.

This rare, behind-the-scenes footage from Mean Girls confirms that, if Amy Poehler’s acting career doesn’t pan out, she always has her rapping skills to fall back on (or, you know, maybe not). I don’t know what’s better: Poehler’s attempt to master Kevin G’s talent show rap or Tina’s exaggerated head-bobbing in the background. You decide.

When they decided to take a “road trip” to see Oprah in Chicago.

In an effort to promote their film Baby Mama, the duo wrote and filmed a short skit about driving up to Oprah’s talk show. While the skit ends prematurely with the two comics throwing in the towel, the bloopers reveal a slightly different (and hilarious) ending.

When Amy honored Tina during the latter’s Mark Twain Prize ceremony.

The Mark Twain Prize for American Humor is one of the most prestigious comedy awards out there. So, when Tina Fey won the title in 2010, Poehler showed up to honor her—giving a touching speech about their early years and how, back in 1993, “[their] dreams were as big and unshaped as [their] eyebrows.”

When they auctioned off their friendship for $72,000 for charity.

During the Night of Too Many Stars gala in 2012, Amy and Tina managed to raise $72,000 for an autism charity. How? By auctioning off themselves. The two offered to spend a night pulling shenanigans with the highest bidder. Shouting things like “we will break bad with you” at the audience, the pair was able to convince two best friends to contribute $36,000 each for the cause.

When Tina badgered Amy to join SNL until she finally caved.

When SNL started looking for a new cast member in 2001, Tina made it her mission to recruit her friend, and proposed the idea to Lorne Michaels on several occasions. At the time, Poehler was still leading her comedy troupe at UCB in New York and was hesitant to leave, but she eventually gave in and signed onto the team. “I was so happy,” Tina explained. “Weirdly, I remember thinking, ‘My friend is here! My friend is here!’ Even though things had been going great for me at the show, with Amy there, I felt less alone.”

When Amy and Tina co-hosted SNL’s Weekend Update, making it the first time two women had ever done so.

In 2004, when Jimmy Fallon left SNL’s Weekend Update to pursue other projects, Amy Poehler promptly took his place. This was the first time two women had ever run Weekend Update, making the segment both fun and historic.

When they got into a prank war with Matt Damon and George Clooney.

After Fey called Gravity “the story of how George Clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age,” the veteran actor decided to get his revenge by sending the Globes hosts a fake complaint letter from Matt Damon. The women sent the two actors fruit baskets, one with a letter apologizing for the jokes and another with a letter saying, “If this is a prank, like we think it is, you didn’t fool us.”

When they admit to goofing off on set.

When asked about how they spend their down time on the set of their new film, The Nest, Poehler answered that “we don’t spend a lot of time in our trailer because we’re just happy to be seeing each other. So we’re just goofing around on set a lot.” (So basically their friendship is exactly what we thought it was, which is FLAWLESS.)

Tina Fey hung a picture of Amy on Liz Lemon’s office wall.

Tina Fey can’t go a day without seeing her best friend, even in her fictional life.

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