Rachel Paige
Updated July 15, 2015 7:59 am

If we can’t be best friends with Amy Poehler or Tiny Fey in real life, at least they’re real life best friends with each other. These two ladies just kicked off their World Domination tour — something that’s been brewing for years — and not only released the trailer for their upcoming movie, Sisters, but then stopped by The Tonight Show for a hilarious visit. These two should always be together, because their forces combined make the world a better place.

First up, their new trailer for Sisters, out December 18, wherein Poehler and Fey play, you guessed it, sisters. After their parents decide to sell their childhood home, these two have to clean out their childhood rooms. But, coming back to the house stirs up all kinds of old school feelings, and they decide to say goodbye to all that in a blaze of glory by throwing one last epic party.

The trailer also shows that Poehler’s got a little crush on Mindy Project’s Ike Barinholtz (us too), and Maya Rudolph plays an amazing mean girl. And those are just two of the very funny people who are going to show up in Sisters, a movie written by long-time SNL joke master, Paula Pell.

Where will these two show up next? Who knows, but we’ll follow them wherever they go.

(Images via YouTube, via Tumblr)