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evanescence fallen
Credit: Epic Records

It was 13 years ago when nu metal group Evanescence burst on to the scene with their debut single “Bring Me To Life.” The track, which introduced the world to vocalist Amy Lee, was a global smash, topping charts all over the world and reached a highly respectable No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100.

For those of you that can’t quite remember how it goes, here is the video.

*Liberally applies eyeliner*

Basically, we were low key obsessed with all things Amy Lee when this song came out, and still kinda bop to it time-to-time.

But things have changed for lead singer, Amy Lee.

The former rocker is now releasing an album for children…


The first song for the project, titled “Dream Too Much,” was recently uploaded to YouTube and it’s all about monkeys, muffins, sandwiches, jellyfish, and trains (or something).

Amy announced the project to Rolling Stone, saying that it was all inspired by her two-year-old son, Jack, and was recorded as a collaboration with her father.

“My husband suggested, ‘You guys should just do it, get in the studio together, you’ve never been in the studio together, you’re both musicians,” she said to Rolling Stone.

The result is a 12 track record that includes covers of The Beatles and Sesame Street staples, and will be released exclusively through Amazon Music.

“I’m very proud of it and it was very fulfilling to be able to do that together,” Amy said of the album.I’m always looking for ways that I can expand myself creatively and this was a surprise. This kind of came out of a very random place and a very pure place. It was just for ourselves and it turned into something really beautiful.”

Okay, so while we were initially quite shocked about this, the sentiment behind the album is so sweet that we actually love it!

Amy Lee’s children’s album, Dream Too Much, will be released on September 30 exclusively through Amazon Music. You can pre-order it here.