Clueless the Musical is really happening. While there’s no word on whether or not Cher’s wardrobe will be able to sing like the one in Beauty and the Beast, news about the show’s development has us totally buggin’. The film’s creator, Amy Heckerling, is currently writing the jukebox musical’s book, and the show’s team is growing.

Kristin Hanggi, who most recently worked on Rock of Ages, has agreed to direct, and Mona May, who dressed the teens of Beverly Hills High for the 1995 movie, is set to reprise her role as costume designer. Oh my knee socks! Best of all, Vulture reported that producers have been holding top-secret readings with actors from Broadway hits like Once, Gigi, and Bring It On. The fact that they are having readings means that there is a script. A script! This is not a drill, people.

So the musical has a fabulous director, the best costume designer, and what is likely a rockin’ script, but what about the most important part? Literally, who is going to play uber-betty Cher Horowitz?

Alicia Silverstone, who originated the role, has acted off-Broadway before, but Amy Heckerling has someone else in mind: She’s cute. She’s talented, and she sings like a teenage dream.

Imagine, Cher being played by … Katy Perry!

“I love Katy Perry,” Amy Hecklerling told Vulture, “But you never know what will happen, she has a whole big schedule. It was like I love it, I wish I could do it.” Honestly, I am seriously rooting for Katy to star in Clueless the Musical. If she signs on, there’s a good chance that Left Shark might play Amber. Dream team!

There isn’t an official date for opening night, but Amy hope the show will debut in 2016. “If it were up to me it would be tomorrow,” she said. Same, Amy, same.

To mentally and physically prepare yourself for the fabulousness that will be Clueless the Musical, start re-visiting the movie’s epic soundtrack. Because the show will be a jukebox musical, it will include numbers we already know. Fingers crossed that “Rollin’ with the Homies” makes the final cut.

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