Bridey Heing
May 29, 2015 6:33 am

Summer and action movies kind of go perfectly hand-in-hand. The big box-office thrill of a few explosions + air conditioned movie theater + some popcorn = the best way to get out of the heat on a July day. This year, one action movie is looking particularly promising and, you guys, I am pumped. The red-band trailer for American Ultra has officially dropped and it looks a-maz-ing!

Mike (played by Jesse Eisenberg) and his girlfriend Phoebe (Kristin Stewart) are living your average small town stoner lives until a secret agent shows up at the convenience store where Mike works and activates his mega assassin skills. (He apparently has some pretty lethal skills with a spoon.)

Mike, of course, has no idea what is happening or how he suddenly knows how to kill people (“I have a lot of anxiety about this,” he tells Phoebe). Now Mike and Phoebe are on the wrong side of the government, and have to save themselves.

This cast is awesome, you guys. Connie Britton as a foul-mouthed government agent. Topher Grace as a smarmy dude in charge. John Leguizamo as a drug dealer.  And of course, Eisenberg and Stewart are on-point in the trailer. It’s so great seeing them share a screen again after 2009’s Adventureland! The movie looks equal parts hilarious and action-filled, kind of like if Veep and The Thick of It creator Armando Iannucci made an action film.

Check out the trailer (but note that it has some language that isn’t safe for work, so watch out there) and get ready for the movie to hit theaters on August 21!

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