Rachel Paige
December 17, 2014 9:33 am

Movies are expensive. Unless you’re organized enough to get to the movies for a matinee showing (that’s before 6pm in most areas) you’re going to be paying upwards of $12 to see The Battle of Five Armies this weekend. And, that $12 doesn’t even include popcorn or Goobers.

Now, that costly outing might be changing, and might even be a better idea than that unlimited Olive Garden option a few months ago. According to The Kansas City Star, AMC Theaters, in partnership with a program called MoviePass, is trying out the idea of an unlimited movie pass which will basically let you see one movie a day, every day, every month. At $35 and $45 price increments, it’s honestly not incredibly costly. $35 will get you a movie in standard format, or “not 3D.” $45 will get you a movie every day, 3D and IMAX included. Considering that seeing three movies a month at $12 a pop is already $36 dollars, this doesn’t seen like a bad idea at all.

This program will be rolled out in Denver and Boston first, and if it’s successful, expect more locations to offer the MoviePass membership as 2015 progresses.

I honestly think this is a GREAT idea. How many times have you been stuck trying to figure out what movie you want to see the most, considering it’s going to cost you a bunch of cash for the evening? And I can’t be the only one who struggles with shelling out $12 to see a 90 minute animated feature. With the promise of a movie every day for a month, I’ll never have to worry about deciding which one to see, because I can see ALL the movies!

I worked at a movie theater during high school, and it’s a known fact that theaters barely make any profit off of actual ticket prices — their real revenue comes from the $7 tub of popcorn that smells delicious. So honestly, a flat rate price is a super great idea — if only because now you’re more enticed to buy popcorn, a slushie, Junior Mints and a soft pretzel. And then, you won’t feel your cash flow lighten too much because you’ve seen Into The Woods half a dozen times.
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