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Nobody likes to feel body shamed. And when you’re in a position where your body is pretty much in the spotlight, it’s sometimes hard to not feel a little self conscious. Case in point, Amber Rose.

The star, who co-hosts the podcast Loveline With Amber Rose and is currently a cast member on Dancing With The Stars, said that the comments which aired from one notable Dancing With The Stars judge had rubbed her the wrong way. After doing her dance, Julianne Hough was shown to say something a tad bit unflattering.

As you’d imagine, since the dancers often have to wear revealing outfits while on the dance floor, it’s easy to think that people are staring just at a contestant’s body and not at the dance in general.

Of course, Hough was quick to mention that she didn’t mean anything bad by the comment. In fact, that comment had nothing to do with bodies or wardrobes at all.

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Phew. Good to hear.

It’s kind of messed up that editing would make Amber Rose feel bad about herself. Someone in that department should probably think twice next time, and keep the show as legit as possible.

The good news is, there’s no bad blood between Amber and Julianne. It’s good that everything was quickly cleared up. We just hope that Amber knows how incredible she looks, and how amazing she is during her performances!