Amazon Prime sees Hulu and Netflix upping their streaming game, and now they’ve decided to up their own ante even more.

The retail giant announced Tuesday that they will be adding the premium channels Showtime and Starz, as well as a handful of lesser-known channels to members who already subscribe to their Prime membership.

Michael Paull, vice-president of Amazon’s digital video division told The Wall Street Journal, “ The current ecosystem is too complicated with too many apps to navigate,” so the addition of the channels is meant to simplify the viewing experience.

Anyone who loves TV as much as we do can attest to how vast the selection has become in recent years, and Amazon hopes to capitalize on the more than 10 million cord cutters in the United States.

These cord cutters, or folks who have opted out of traditional cable service and watch their content online, make up a huge portion of TV watchers and Amazon hopes to bring more channels to streaming service before too long.

While Showtime and Starz are the lead in the story, The Wall Street Journal reports that the other “lesser known” shows aren’t as attractive to viewers. They aren’t wrong. Channels such as, “Shudder, Gaia or Urban Movie Channel” might not get folks as excited as the big names.

All of that is the good news, but the bad news is that it isn’t free. Even to Prime members who are already paying $99 a year, the addition of Showtime and Starz will cost them an additional $8.99/month.

Shows like Showtime’s Homeland and Starz’s Outlander will most likely be the biggest draws, but it’s yet to be determined if viewers will be interested enough to cough up the extra fee. The $8.99 is still a little cheaper than a cable package, and you can get Shudder, Gaia or Urban Movie Channel for around $6, but Amazon hopes to make it worth it in the long run by adding more and more content providers.

For a TV addict like me, this is good news.

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