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Updated Apr 30, 2015 @ 12:33 pm

Guys, guess what it’s gonna be tomorrow? IT’S GONNA BE MAY, of course. Which means a lot of things (wonderful springtime weather, Mother’s Day, graduation season), but most importantly, it means the Internet is exploding with glorious #ItsGonnaBeMay, Justin Timberlake (circa *NSYNC) memes for its annual preparation for May 1st. And it’s just the very best.

The meme, which is a play on *NSYNC’s song “It’s Gonna Be Me” encapsulates just about everything we loved about the early 2000s, especially early 2000s JT. His earnest, frosty-yellow curly hair, his very intense stare as though he’s committing every single one of our facial features to memory, his sparkly earrings. The meme’s origins , according to Know Your Meme, can be traced back to Tumblr user “amyricha,” who, in 2012, posted a pic of Justin with the popularly misheard lyric, “It’s gonna be may.” The rest was history, and we’ve been celebrating May 1st by staring at Justin Timberlake’s perfect face ever since.

But, like we said, there are other reasons as to why May is just the raddest month of them all (no disrespect, 11 other months). Here are some of them:

1. The terrible weather struggle is OVER

You don’t have to wake up in the morning worrying about jump-starting your car, of that long walk to the subway station in an insane snow storm. Or what kind of very warm clothes you need to wear in order not to freeze to death. Days are now easier and toastier and much more friendly to humans.

2. All the epic summer movies start coming out

After a long, sub-par winter and early spring, all the good movies are FINALLY coming out. This includes Pitch Perfect 2 (YAS!), Avengers: Age of Ultron (YAS YAS!), and Welcome to Me (YAS YAS YAS!).

3. You can finally wear a skirt without leggings and tights

For the first time in many, many moons, your legs will finally be exposed to real sunshine and outside air. Bring it on, dresses and skirts and shorts.

4. It’s perfect light-jacket and cardigan weather

You can’t QUITE wear single layers yet, but that’s okay, because now’s the time to dust off all those cute jackets.

5. The flowers are out of control

Picking up a bouquet of peach-hued tulips on your way home from work is totally a thing you can do now, and the air smells like honey and freshly mowed grass. Oh Mother Earth, you pretty thing.

6. You get Memorial Day weekend, and it’s the first three-day weekend you’ve had since President’s Day

You deserve the extra day to sleep in. Treat. Yo. Self.

7. Some of us are graduating school and finishing up classes.


8. It’s the month of Mother’s Day—a special time to celebrate your amazing mom

Moms are incredible, important, wonderful humans, and we love them so. Spend the day telling your mama just that.

9. It’s state fair season!

Hello, corn dogs and fried Oreos. Hello, rickety am-I-going-to-die-on-this-thing state fair rides.

10. Throughout the country, theme parks are reopening

It’s no fun riding roller-coasters in negative 20 degree weather, so in the colder parts of the US, most theme parks are closed down until it gets a little warmer. Well, the time is NOW. Let’s do this.

11. Bountiful swimsuits at Target

So many swimsuits to pick from, so little time (JK, we have all summer).

12. You can start planning that road trip with your besties

Open road, clear skies, truck stops in the middle of the country, are you ready for this jelly?

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