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Before shows like Girls, Broad City, and Inside Amy Schumer, there was another female powerhouse lighting up the comedy scene: Amanda Bynes. That’s why Nickelodeon is bringing her back — or at least, her show. Refinery 29 reports that The Amanda Show will be coming to The Splat — TeenNick’s daily late-night block of our favorite ’90s shows — beginning June 10th at 11p.m.

The Amanda Show, which spun off the sketch comedy show All That, originally ran from 1999 to 2002, and holds a special place in our hearts as girl-power variety show that was downright hilarious.

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When Refinery 29 asked Keith Dawkins, executive vice president of TeenNick and Nicktoons, why he brought back the show, he thought the answer was obvious. “I feel like that’s almost a rhetorical question, like you know the answer to that already,” he said. The show’s original mission was to bring comedy to kids, and the content still “holds up today.”

Plus, it does the important work of lifting up a timeless female voice. “We’re here to reflect what’s going on in kids’ lives, which allowed us to put young girls front and center in our content,” Keith continued, later adding, “I’m hoping that people will lose their minds.”

He’s not wrong. Over on Twitter, people are exploding at the news: false false false

And we can’t help but feel the same way. While it’s always great to experience a blast from the past, Amanda Bynes was one of our early female role models, and we can’t wait to experience the magic of her humor all over again.