Christina Pellegrini
February 26, 2017 11:34 am

In case you had any doubt that an alligator can catch you completely off-guard, let this example convince you otherwise.

A little boy who was fishing had his big catch taken away by a hungry alligator, according to Mashable.

As horrifyingly documented on the Bass Masters and Fish Experts Facebook page, a hungry gator got his lunch courtesy of some unsuspecting humans.

In the video, a boy named Connor is excited about the huge fish he has at the end of his fishing line. While he reels it in, someone on the pier notices an alligator, and tries to scare it away by banging on one of the beams.

Then lightning fast, the gator grabs onto the fish and swims away super casually, as if nothing happened. Luckily for everyone, the fish was the only thing that interested the gator during this scary encounter.

Sometimes life just isn’t fair. And in the case of the alligator, sometimes a free meal is too good to pass up.

Watch the full video below and try and tell us this isn’t the stuff of nightmares.

We’ll definitely remember this the next time we go fishing. Who wants a big gator chomping down on their line?!