Kathryn Lindsay
June 07, 2016 10:22 am

On June 6th, YouTube star Alexis G. Zall turned 18 years old, so on June 5th, she decided to make a video titled “18 Tips for 18 Years” about all the things she’s learned during her life so far. But one lesson stood out more than others.

“I’m about to get gay,” Alexis says to someone off camera before telling us her eighth tip. “It is totally okay to be a girl who likes girls or a boy who likes boys,” she began. “And me personally, I am a girl who likes girls!”

“Did that bitch just come out?” she joked before clarifying a bit more. “I mean, for me personally, I wouldn’t necessarily rule out ever dating guys, but I definitely like girls. And it’s totally okay to just…be that.”

The rest of the video is filled with a lot of great advice, like being honest with yourself about your emotions as well as wearing more nail polish, but our hearts are warmed by Alexis’s casual yet important statement about her sexual orientation. And so are her viewers, who took to the comments to say things like “YES QUEEN I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU!” and “Not only proud of you for coming out but for putting it in a video like this.”

After the video was posted, Alexis responded to all the support over on her Twitter:

We’re sure Alexis Zall’s coming out video just changed a lot of lives, including her own, and we’re happy that she’s now free to be totally herself on her channel and in her life. We can’t wait to see what else her 18th year has in store!