Lauren Saccone
January 08, 2017 2:53 pm

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you know all about the latest installment of the classic television series Gilmore Girls on Netflix (and even then you probably knew all about it if the rock you were under had decent wifi). The show was a nostalgia trip for fans of the original, with the cast reuniting for the further adventures of our favorite mother/daughter duo from Stars Hollow. And now the question has become: will there be more installments of Gilmore Girls in the future? Star Alexis Bledel dishes on whether we can expect to return to Stars Hollow any time soon.

In a recent interview the Television Critics Association, Alexis Bledel was officially supposed to be promoting her new show on Netflix, The Handmaid’s Tale. But she ended up holding an impromptu conference on the future of Gilmore Girls and its beloved characters, most notably Lorelei and Rory. Bledel was enthusiastic about the whole filming experience, and spoke fondly about reuniting with the actors some for the first time in years.

But the real question at the forefront of everyone’s mind: Was this a one-off endeavor, or are more installments on the way from Netflix? As far as Alexis Bledel knows, not for a while (or maybe not at all). According to The Hollywood Reporter, nobody has discussed further filming with the actress.

That being said, Bledel was quick to add that should the story and timing work out (and doubtless the involvement of the rest of the original cast), she would be delighted to find out what happens next in Rory’s life — especially considering the twist at the end of the revival. But until the stars align (or Netflix signs a new deal with the show’s creators), it looks like Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will serve as a standalone revival of the beloved series.