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Throughout the course of our lives, we’ve all had relationships (be they romantic or platonic) that have shaped how we view the world. Twenty-one-year-old YouTube beauty guru Alexa Losey (smokeypinkleopard) knows this to be true and has partnered with Smashbox on a poignant video about female empowerment and how the men in her life have inspired her to grow.

The video is split into three different open letters to anonymous men in her life. Her first letter addresses what it was like to grow up realizing she would never be as valued the same as boys were.

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“I was old enough to understand that it was different,” Alexa says. “But I wasn’t really old enough to understand why. I knew it was because I was a girl but I didn’t understand it was because girls kinda can’t be like guys.”

What Alexa means is that even though we’re told girls and boys are equal, that’s not necessarily how it feels. “I feel like I was supposed to be born a boy for me to have the ambitions that I had,” she said.

However, this doubt that seemed to be inherent in her male relationships was actually what inspired her to be better.

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“I knew that I wasn’t supposed to be this princess put on a pedestal,” she says. “I was supposed to be the knight that I viewed myself as.” Because she wasn’t seen as being capable of all she wanted to achieve, she decided to work even harder to get it.

On Twitter, Alexa has clarified that her open letters aren’t referencing specific people, but rather a mish-mash of experiences she’s had during her life. false

We love the honesty in this video, and the way Alexa views her relationships as both flawed and important. There’s still so much more ahead for her and this video has convinced us all that nothing should stand between us and our dreams.

Watch the full video below!