Rachel Charlene Lewis
September 27, 2016 9:44 am

ICYMI, here’s what went down last week on the queer internet: AfterEllen, a MAJOR source not just of information but of community for queer women, shut down. So, of course, the queer women of the world had a collective breakdown. Yes, we know this sounds dramatic, but, like, there’s already hardly any places specifically catering to queer women’s issues (no, not even gay bars; most are for queer men), so the loss of an amazing place like AfterEllen felt like a punch in the gut for many.

Fox / giphy.com

In the goodbye letter, Bendix wrote,

As if that wasn’t MISERABLE enough, there also seems to be some drama going down with the site’s new publisher, with reports bubbling to the surface about Bendix being denied her severance. This is seriously such a mess.


ABC / giphy.com

The Internet was, and is, so, so sad.

It’s a sad time for queer women’s media, and our hearts are still feeling the pain. We’re so sad, and we hope that, sometime soon, things will turn around for the better. Until then, we’ll be reminiscing over our favorite AfterEllen moments.