Teri Wilson
Updated May 24, 2016 9:29 am
Instagram/Annie Leibovitz

When Queen Elizabeth II turned 90 years old last month, the British monarchy released a series of gorgeous portraits shot by legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz. (Because that’s totally what you do when you’re the Queen of England and it’s your birthday. Obviously.)

All of the pictures were AMAZE, but our favorite was a stunning photo of the Queen surrounded by her two youngest grandchildren and her five great-grandchildren. It somehow looks like a classic painting and quirky family photo all at the same time, thanks in no small part to little Mia Tindall adorably posing with her great-grandmother’s handbag.

It doesn’t get much cuter than that. At least we didn’t think it could until today, when we learned the story behind the whole handbag sitch.

Mia’s parents are Zara Phillips (the queen’s eldest granddaughter) and her husband, former professional rugby player Mark Tindall. Just a few days ago, Tindall appeared on Good Morning Britain and gave everyone the scoop about how his daughter ended up upstaging the queen in her own royal portrait.

Apparently, little Mia has a naughty streak. (Why does this not surprise us?) Tindall said, “It just happened at the right time. She was being a bit naughty. The Queen got it quite right when she told her ‘just hold the handbag now’ and she did that. It ended up being a great photo of her.”

First of all, ADORABLE. And second, this makes complete and total sense. I mean, what else would make a girl behave more than being put in charge of the Queen of England’s designer bag?


Mia sounds like our kind of girl. Her dad went on to say, “She’s got quite a little personality on her, and we encourage that.”

Yaaaasss, queen. *wink*