After 60 Minutes Australia posted a preview of Adele’s new song yesterday, everyone was itching to get their hands (or ears) on the real deal. While Adele’s full album, 25, is set to come out on November 20th, we couldn’t bear to wait any longer for a taste of what’s to come. Adele heard us loud and clear, and just released a live studio version of “When We Were Young,” a more subdued hit that is the perfect addition to the intense desperation of “Hello.”

Don’t be fooled. The song is still definitely emotional, and still follows the theme of reconnecting with somebody you used to know, but this time we get a more soulful side of the singer, rather than a heart-wrenching power ballad. It begins with simple yet strong notes, the kind that only Adele can create. They give you a pang in your heart before you even know why.

But lest you were worried the song would end without the classic Adele belting we’ve come to expect, c’mon, whose single do you think you’re listening to? The music builds, the backup singers harmonize, and Adele lets loose with all the power we can only replicate in front of the mirror in our bedrooms when nobody else is home.

Take a listen to the full song below!

(Image via YouTube)