It’s official: Adele is going on tour in North America

While Adele announced her European tour last month, now those of us in North American can finally say “Hello from the other side.” That bad joke was a way of saying that this morning, Adele announced her North American tour, and we are so excited.

The tour kicks off in July of 2015, starting in Minnesota, and ending mid-November in Mexico City. Along the way, she’ll visit Chicago, Denver, Vancouver, Seattle, San Jose, Oakland, Los Angeles, Pheonix, Auburn Hills, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Montreal, Toronto, Washington D.C., Nashville, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Austin, and Houston.

Before you go running to your wallets, tickets aren’t on sale just yet. They’ll go live on December 17th, 10AM local time. No word yet on how much tickets will cost, but considering the popularity and talent of the performer, I’d say it’s worth preparing to hand over a significant wad of cash.

However, money is no object when it comes to this amazing singer. In fact, in November, Adele told Rolling Stone that she wasn’t sure if she’d be going on tour at all.

The singer is referring to her tour back in 2011, when she had to cancel sixteen shows due to laryngitis, a chest infection, and a vocal cord hemorrhage. Nasty stuff, and we’re crossing our fingers that Adele has gotten all the rest she needed to start again and bring us more incredible performances.

Check out the full list of dates here!

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