Karen Belz
July 29, 2016 4:40 am

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and for Adele, she’s loving the fact that her fans are so inspired by her. In fact, during her Seattle concert, she invited one of her ultimate best impersonators on stage.

Meet Kristie Champagne, a fan who often mimics Adele in drag. Fans applauded as she made her way up, and after the two hugged, compliments were shared. Adele seemed over the moon to meet her other half.

This meet-up has been a dream for Kristie for quite some time. Kristie actually makes a living both with her impersonations and acting every Friday and Saturday during “An Evening At Le Faux” at Seattle’s Julia’s On Broadway — and Adele is one of her best characters, so obviously she feels quite a strong connection to the singer. Prior to the concert, she tweeted out that she had hoped such a moment would be possible.

And, well, her dreams came true. The two even managed to snap a legendary selfie together while Kristie was on stage. false

But, Adele isn’t the only person who inspires Kristie. A natural entertainer, Kristie can take on many forms — and she definitely knows how to win over an audience. Here she is getting the Julia’s crowd pumped with an ’80s medley.

We’re so glad the meet-up was caught on camera, since it really was incredible. Moments like this are just part of the reason why we love Adele so much.