Picture of Adele in the Mirror Room at The Broad
Credit: Twitter

If you have friends who live in LA, chances are you’ve seen them post super-enviable pictures on Instagram of a magical, twinkly mirrored room. That room is a special installation created by Yayoi Kusama, and it’s currently on display at the Broad Museum. The room always has a waitlist, and because of that, patrons are only permitted to be there for one minute. Unless, of course, you’re Adele.

The British pop superstar was inspired to use the mirrored room as a stage, and was filmed singing her song “When We Were Young” inside of it. Then, she used that footage as the backdrop for her performance at the Brit Awards last week. It was a beautiful moment—one that totally redeemed her weird microphone malfunction that happened at the Grammys.

How did Adele come up with the idea? She was inspired by a photo that fellow singer Katy Perry posted on Instagram from her trip to the Broad.

“I was so blown away by the photograph—I had no idea what it was,” Adele says in a video interview at the museum. “And then I showed it to my creative director. It happens to be by her favorite artist, which I thought was ironic considering I saw it completely independent.”

Adele grew up going to museums, and was very inspired by the installation. In fact, she drew many parallels between the artwork and the song she performed alongside it.

“I decided that I would love for this to be part of my ‘When We Were Young’ performance at the BRIT Awards in the U.K. because you kind of see different versions of yourself from every angle, and ‘When We Were Young’ is kind of based on my life from childhood up until now,” the singer continued. “I definitely feel like standing in that room for an hour, I saw things in myself and of myself I haven’t noticed before.”

Wow—that’s seriously deep stuff. It adds a whole new meaning to both the song and the installation. See Adele behind the scenes of the shoot below!