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If Adele had a superpower, it would be having a voice so absolutely devastating it leaves you drowning in an ocean of your own tears. This has always been the case — from “Chasing Pavements” to “Someone Like You” — and we have no doubt that 25 will leave us absolutely unconsolable when it drops November 20. Adele is a legend and a gift to us all, with the Academy, Golden Globe, and Grammy awards to prove it. Her voice is simply impossible to beat, and few have tried — but one teen’s cover of “Hello” has us falling in love with her music all over again.

From the start, the girl — a student at Seoul Music High School — brings a magic to the song that’s all her own. The stripped down cover allows her voice to shine, and she tackles “Hello” with so much emotion, we’re positive Adele herself would be proud. Like many of Adele’s recordings, the heartbreak is palpable, and we got chills more than once. When it gets to the second chorus at around 2:24, we all but melted into a puddle of sobs.

Have a listen for yourself below, but fair warning: You might want to get a box of tissues.