Trilby Beresford
Updated Sep 20, 2016 @ 8:07 am
Credit: Scott Legato/Getty Images

We love hearing about Adele, because she’s just so damn awesome. Remember when she impersonated herself in the best prank ever? Or when she raised the bar for Carpool Karaoke? Then of course, there’s the music.

And speaking of that, Entertainment Weekly just informed us that Adele invited an adorable little girl up on stage at her latest show at Madison Square Garden in New York!

Here’s how it went down. Adele called up little Quinn to join her under the bright lights, and asked her age. When she responded with four fingers, Adele told her that her son [Angelo] is about to turn four.

Can we just take a moment to process how lucky Quinn is to attend an Adele concert at four years old?!? Phew, okay, we’re composing ourselves in the appropriate manner.

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Could Adele be any cuter or more generous?!

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Oh yes she could, because she invited Quinn’s aunt and mother on stage, gave a shoutout to Quinn’s grandpa for his birthday, and captured this big love-fest in a group photo.

(Apparently that photo is going to appear on her Instagram account today… so keep checking!).

You can see the whole video below. Warning: it might induce extreme jealousy that you weren’t at the concert!

P.S. Quinn, you are the luckiest girl alive and we are living vicariously through you right now.