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Part of the reason we totally love Adele is because the British singer is so real. That and the fact that her music is incredible. That’s why we’re totally in awe of how Adele has opened up about struggles with postpartum depression and her views on parenthood.

Speaking candidly to Vanity Fair for their December issue cover story, Adele talked about her career, being a parent, and her incredible relationship with Beyoncé.

Discussing the pressures of fame and being a mother, Adele made some amazing points about the decisions to become or not to become a parent and they are absolutely wonderful.

While being a parent is, obviously, an amazing thing, there are those people who choose not to have children for whatever reasons, and we totally applaud Adele for advocating for however people want to live their lives.

What’s more, the singer also talked about her own struggles after becoming a mother and it’s so powerful.

Adele explained that how, after the birth of her son Angelo, she often felt overwhelmed by the responsibilities of being a parent.

Ultimately, Adele found solace in other parents.

In the end, the 28-year-old figured that she needed to take some well deserved time out for herself.

Continuing, Adele said that while she did feel guilty about leaving her baby for those small periods of time, she felt it was a necessary thing to do for herself.

We love that Adele is using her platform to speak about important things like this. While it’s amazing to be a parent, it’s also very, very difficult and, as she says, not enough people feel they can speak out when they’re struggling. What’s more, we totally agree that taking some time out for yourself doesn’t make you a bad parent at all. Instead, it allows you to charge your batteries.

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We didn’t know it would be possible, but we love Adele even more now after these wonderful and insightful words on parenthood.