Credit: Getty Images/ Kevin Mazur

Last month, rumors swirled that Maroon 5 rocker Adam Levine and supermodel Behati Prinsloo were expecting their first child. Nothing was confirmed, but we hoped beyond hope that it was true. Now, we finally have our answer: A little one is officially on the way! Yay!

Adam confirmed the news on Instagram with an adorable pic of his wife and her bump. It’s not the pic that gives it away, but the caption. Behati is sporting a tiny bump—like, a really tiny bump—but it’s there, and it’s oh-so exciting. The singer sealed the deal by including a baby emoji.

This child is going to be bonkers cute. With Behati’s model looks and Adam’s charm, he or she will be modeling along next to Mom in no time. And maybe they’ll be BFFs with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s little one!

We were wondering when the couple was going to officially announce the news. Behati posted this pic (a painting of a pregnant woman) last week, which basically confirmed our suspicions.

The couple has been married since 2014, and have been very candid about how excited they are to have kids. “It’s absolutely in the works for some future date,” Adam told Ryan Seacrest that same year. And that date is now. Congratulations (officially) to the couple!