Credit: CBS

Fans of Dancing With The Stars were quite confused last night, when Ryan Lochte’s post-dance judging was interrupted. The production team quickly threw to a commercial, and things were explained slightly better once the show went back on air. It turns out, two protesters hit the stage to revolt against Lochte. Lochte, in case you’re not familiar, got himself in a lot of hot water based on certain personal events that happened during the Rio Olympics. In short, he lied about a robbery, and made both Rio and America look not so great.

While the show didn’t broadcast what happened live, footage was just revealed that shows security getting the men off the stage pretty quickly.

Luckily, nobody was injured during the incident — and the two men who got on stage were identified right after it happened.

Those in the audience also took to social media to share some behind-the-scenes footage that went down when the commercials were airing. false

But while it was all under control, it was definitely scary to watch.

People Magazine was quick to interview Derek Hough, whose words were quite beautiful.

Originally, Lochte hoped that his appearance on the show would help people change their tarnished image of him. Hopefully the incident doesn’t mar the rest of the time he has on the show — no matter what he did in the past, nobody deserves to feel threatened or unsafe.

While Dancing With The Stars will likely bulk up its security in the future, we’re happy that everyone was safe, and that the show continued on regardless of the disruption.