Brittany Malooly
Updated Jun 01, 2016 @ 10:58 am
Credit: HBO

As if learning Hodor’s fate wasn’t heart wrenching enough, now the actor who played young Hodor, Sam Coleman, has released a song about it. And it’s sad. Seriously. Get your tissues.

Coleman sings, as Hodor, about living a life as a simple stable boy until Bran came along and gave his life purpose.

Credit: HBO

He sings, “My eyes went white, and my soul caught fire. I saw the blackest night … And I only had just one desire. I would follow you until the end of time.” Holding back tears.

And later, Coleman croons: “But there was one condition. I only had one mission, a simple one, I knew I had to face when I reached the time and place. Hold the door!”

Oh. My. God.

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Sam Coleman isn’t the only Game of Thrones actor who also happens to be musical. We discovered not too long ago that Iwan Rheon, yes, Ramsay Bolton, is also a wonderfully talented singer/songwriter.

There is some good news — Hodor’s fate will be different in the books! We hope it’s not as sad, although we’re not holding our breath. RIP Hodor.

Listen to it here and be sure to have tissues on hand.