Unless you live under a rock or tossed all your technological devices out the window, you’ve probably noticed the insanely popular television and podcast fad that is true-crime. There’s Serial, of course — one of the most popular podcasts ever that has actually changed real lives. And then, we were gifted Making A Murderer, the Netflix docu-series surrounding the case of Steven Avery. The story has taken the world by storm since its release in mid-December.

If you’ve finished all of the above, don’t fret: ABC just picked up The Jury, which has been described as “12 Angry Men meets the podcast Serial,” according to Entertainment Weekly. Sounds like something out of our wildest dreams, TBH.

Written by Justified‘s VJ Boyd and Mark Bianculli, the story centers around one murder trial, but it’s told from the perspective of each of the individual jurors on the case, divulging everything from their own biases to their ever-shifting opinions and hunches. Boyd will be executive producing, along with Julie Weitz and CSI‘s Carol Mendelsohn. As Deadline notes, “The Jury examines ‘the ultimate social experiment’ that happens thousands of times a day in the U.S.: a person’s fate is placed in the hands of 12 strangers.”

We’re not surprised that ABC has jumped on the true-crime bandwagon; after all, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the genre is one of the five “hottest trends of the development season.” If The Jury ends up being anything like Making A Murderer or Serial, we’ll probably binge-watch like there’s no tomorrow.

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