Angelica Florio
April 30, 2017 9:45 am
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for TBS

Saturday night was the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, but it seems  like very few people went, including the president himself. That’s right, Donald Trump is the first president in 36 years to skip the WHCD, and that might be because of his, um, tumultuous relationship with the press. OR, it might be because everyone was going to be at Samantha Bee’s Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner instead.

While Trump was out lambasting journalists and the “failing” news outlets that critique him, the Full Frontal star hosted  an ~alternative~ WHCD to celebrate journalists — basically a one-hour version of Full Frontal — and have a few much-needed laughs at the expense of a certain sexist administration. Thanks to Bee’s perseverance (“Nevertheless, she persisted” right?), “nerd prom” was as hilarious as ever, and packed with pee jokes, of course.

Keep scrolling for some of the funniest moments from the event.

1. The red carpet was HUMID and everyone was sweating and joking about “the swamp.” 

Before the show there was a red carpet and everyone was pretending it was a live broadcast (at 6pm EST), but it was pre-recorded during the day when it was 91 degrees with 70% humidity. It was actually a record-high temperature, which was appropriate on the day that thousands rallied to march against climate change.

It was a funny way to start the show.

2. Allison Janney revived her “West Wing” role to open the show.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

She answered questions from Trump-supporting members of the press (presumably the only people he allows into his press conferences). The “reporters” ranged from a “nut job survivalist” and Russian spy to a member of Opus Dei who accuses Samantha Bee of being a witch.

Janney’s response? “Of course she’s a witch, we’re all witches.” Iconic.

3. Samantha Bee roasts former presidents.

Bee showed fictional clips of past and dystopian-future White House Correspondents’ Dinners that she hosted, starting with silent film footage of her Woodrow Wilson roast in which she calls him out for being racist.

She then shows up looking like Madonna from the ’80s to roast Ronald Reagan, then she roasts Nixon, and then she shows up as a ’90s Seinfeld-like comedian to roast Bill Clinton.

Finally, she does the dystopian-future roast of “President Pence” wearing a chastity belt and apologizing for being a slut. That last one is a little more terrifying than funny.

4. The segment called “what is facts” ft. Steve Buscemi.

This segment offered an investigation into the concept of “alternative facts,” told in the style of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos, raising heady questions like, “If facts is, what is they?” One expert even presented the mathematical equation: P^P~ (and then made a pee joke) to disprove the idea that something can be both true and untrue at the same time… And then there’s Steve Buscemi. Yeah, you have to just watch it.

5. Bee calls Trump “the Fyre Festivals of presidents.”

Because Fyre Festival will never not be funny.

6. The “Gone Too Late” in memoriam segment for Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes.

This show was packed with jokes about Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, and Fox for their casual and rampant sexual harassment allegations, and of course Rupert Murdoch, which Bee calls “a sentient liver spot.” There were just too many zingers to count, really. But this one particularly made us LOL.

7. Will Ferrell returns as George W. Bush.

His first words were, “How do you like me now?” Returning as “the Prodigal Son” and then saying, “I don’t know what that means, but I know it’s positive. It’s very prodigal.” He went on to make fun of Mar-a-Lago and give Trump advice on his tie length and diet. It was glorious.

8. When a bunch of celebrities roasted the whole Trump Administration.

Billy Eichner, Norman Lear, Bridget Everett (who refuses to utter the words “President Trump”), Jannelle James (who asks, “Where the hot racists at?”), Jordan Carlos, Retta, and more took their greatest shots at Trump and co. and you could basically smell the smoke through the screen.

9. The alternate-reality White House Correspondents’ Dinner if Hillary were president.

Yes, George Takei showed up to give Sam footage of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner taking place in a Hillary Clinton-run D.C. It started out as hilarious and then became poignantly depressing…

She ended her speech with, “Men’s rights are human rights,” as if THAT needed to be said. Watching what could have been was hard, but hearing the jokes about Anthony Weiner and a men’s march in D.C. for which nobody could knit proper blue hats made it all worthwhile.

Sam Bee was at her finest, and ticket sales raised almost $200,000 for the Committee to Protect Journalists. This was the anti-White House Correspondents’ Dinner that needed to happen, and we’re grateful that she’s given us a show to laugh and then cry and then laugh at.