Bad news, friends. The How I Met Your Motherinspired TV series, How I Met Your Dad, isn’t going to happen. After much hype about the lady-driven spin-off, the pilot wasn’t picked up. But, but, but it sounded so good! It was going to be the same premise as HIMYM (a flashback love story), but with a new New York City-based group of friends, led by actress Greta Gerwig. So why didn’t the show get a shot? According to CBS entertainment chairman Nina Tassler, “There were elements of the pilot that didn’t work out.” We are bummed about this TV news in so many ways. Let us count them:

1. No Greta Gerwig on TV. She was supposed to play the lead character in the series. We were so excited to have another one of our favorite movie actresses make the transition to TV. On top of that, we’ll never know what her voice would have sounded like in middle age. Though if Ted grows up to sound like Bob Saget, she’d probably sound like Lori Loughlin, right?

2. Emily Spivey was behind HIMYD. Spivey, the ex-SNL writer (during the Tina and Amy years!)and the creator of Up All Night, was to serve as executive producer of HIMYD. Not only is she awesomely talented at creating female-driven comedy, she would have added to the growing roster of women show runners in Hollywood.

3. There’s nothing to fill the How I Met Your Mother shaped hole in our hearts. Sure we might have complained about the finale, but we’ll miss nights at MacLaren’s.

4. We’ll never know who the female equivalent to Barney is. Would she have worn pantsuits? Had nights that were unfor—wait for it—gettable?

5. No potential HIMYM cameos. Maybe Ted would have been the guy on the subway who accidentally pushed two future soul-mates into each other.

6. No Slap Bet 2.0. Poke wager? Super Soaker agreement?

7. This could have been a chance for a happier ending. Even if it only lasted one season, having the dad survive to interrupt the story would be an improvement on the HIMYM finale.

8. It would have made a great addition to spinoff lists. And who doesn’t love a spin-off list? We need some new entries besides Joey, Frasier and Rhoda.