Erin Mallory Long
July 28, 2014 7:00 am

There’s a great quote in The Princess Bride about Wesley and Buttercup kissing: “Since the invention of the kiss there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind.”

As I watched The Princess Bride repeatedly as a child, this was a very important movie moment for me.

It’s one of the greatest movie kisses of all time. And really, who doesn’t love a good kiss (both on your screen and IRL)? With Princess Bride as our inspiration, let’s go through some other movie and TV kisses that still make us weak.

The Upsidedown Spider-man Kiss

I don’t even care for Spider-Man (I mean, a SPIDER MAN?! Ugh.) and loathe anything to do with spiders except “Charlotte’s Web” BUT this kiss is everything. Sure, it’s a clichéd in-the-rain kiss but it’s upside down and it’s amazing.

The Knock-Off Spider-Man Kiss

What could top that? Oh, right, Seth and Summer, who re-created it on The OC.

The In-Your-Underwear and In-The-Snow Kiss

Speaking of kisses during inclement weather, let’s talk about Bridget Jones’s Diary. Oh, Bridget, you can never quite do the right thing and I love you to pieces for it. This whole last scene where he finally shows up, he reads her diary and leaves and she thinks she’s messed everything up again, is so great and heart-breaking. (But also, DON’T READ ANYONE’S DIARY, EVER) And when she catches up to him and realizes he just was getting her a new one. . .just watch.

The They-Finally-Kissed Kiss

Despite being called Dawson’s Creek, I was never rooting for Dawson. I was all about Joey and, of course, Pacey. Their banter is amazing and when she calls him to pick her up from Boston and they kiss, I still swoon. First there’s the argument and then there’s that kiss. I just got chills watching it.

The ‘I Love You’ ‘I Know’ Kiss

Speaking of sexual tension and brassy brunettes, how can we forget Star Wars? Now there’s some real sexual tension. Princess Leia and Han Solo were my everything growing up (and now) and when he’s about to be frozen in carbonite and they kiss—holy moly. But obviously the real swoon part of this is when she calls out “I love you” and he responds, simply, “I know.” I’m dead.

The I’m-Glad-He-Finally-Figured-It-Out Kiss

When Harry Met Sally is one of my favorite movies and when Harry finally realizes he wants to be with Sally and runs to her, it’s one of my favorite sequences ever. The whole event is capped off by his long speech (one of the greatest in history, IMO) and then a kiss that is wonderful and over-the-top and so great.

The Ross and Rachel Kiss

Pretty much any of their kisses would are great, but the finest has to be the one where Ross bursts into Central Perk after hours to plant one on Rachel. It gets me every time.

The Classic In-The-Rain Kiss to End All In-The-Rain Kisses

Full disclosure, I’ve only seen The Notebook once and didn’t really like it. . . except for this kiss. This kiss made the movie worth it to me. This will just get you. Just watching it out of context even, you understand and FEEL everything. Major swoonage.

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