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To be honest with you, I only wear heels approximately six times a year. They’re usually pretty uncomfortable, I’m too tall as it is, and I look like a baby giraffe attempting to glide through the woods. However, heels are my guilty pleasure. I’ll spend a hundred dollars on a pair of glossy stilettos even if just means I get to wear them out to dinner once. I like that they’re sitting in my closet and that they’re ALL MINE. Am I being irrational? Of course. Does this mean I shouldn’t spend too much money on shoes I don’t really wear? Debatable. Plus, you’re not the boss of me.

Heels have their downside, but they also have their perks, such as:

1. There are so many different kinds.

Heels come in various forms. Some have a low heel, like Kitten Heels; some are strappy, like Cone Heels. Prism Heels form a triangle at the base of the heel; Spool Heels are broad at the soles but get more narrow near the middle. My personal favorite are Wedges, because they’re almost not heels in the sense that you feel perfectly balanced the entire time you’re wearing them. If you’re going for statement heels, Pumps are loud and fun. Don’t forget Sling Back Heels, Platform Heels, and Sandals!

2. They come in all sorts of colors.

Heels can be so drool-worthy. Here are some of my favorites:

Steve Madden’s “Marrvil Wedge” $25-80 on Amazon

Nine West’s “Flax” $56 on Zappos

Type Z’s “Carla” $80 on Zappos

Mod Cloth’s “Petal to the Plaza Heel” in Emerald, $130 on Modcloth

Aldo’s “Malina” $100 on Aldo

3. Heels make you feel like a grown-up.

Heels make me feel important and powerful even if I find myself eating Snickers and Mac ‘n Cheese for breakfast.

4. High heels tend to put together an outfit better than sneakers.

I usually just wear my black or gold flats with almost every single article of clothing I own, but sometimes a girl just wants to look glamorous. Or maybe you’re not lazy like me, and want to look glamorous every day, you Beyoncé, you. Heels are such a quick way to do that, regardless of outfit, hair, or make-up. Just throw on a pair of sleek, red pumps or strappy sandals, and you are insta-fab.

5. They make your legs look more muscular and fit.

Heels make legs longer, leaner, and more muscular. I feel like Heidi Klum when I wear my black stilettos, and that’s a feeling. Did I mention they do wonders for your ass? I have a small butt, and I hate it. Heels somehow enhance the buttocks, making them look like Squats is your middle name.

6. Heels make you taller.

Like I said before, I hate that heels make me even taller than I am, but for some this is a blessing.

7. There’s no feeling quite like the one you get after taking off a pair of heels.

Am I right?

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